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Home Office Setup: Maximise Your Time Spent Working From Home

Pandemics are nothing new in human history. COVID-19 has directly, unashamedly, attacked us physically, but it also has zero empathy for you, the economy, and of course, your working life. Welcome to the new way of working, whatever your industry.

This has been a testing time for everyone, but the bills have still got to be paid. Amongst the influx of responsibilities recently thrust upon you, working from home has most likely been one of the most challenging. Getting your home office setup cor

Locked down Scots facing social anxiety as restrictions ease across the country

WITH restrictions easing many Scots are desperate to get back out and meet friends and family.

But there are others for whom the last year has left feeling anxious about seeing people again, after being stuck in the same four walls.

Today student journalist Andrew Bradshaw talks to an expert about social anxiety and to one Scot who has struggled over the latest lockdown.

AN expert has warned that getting out after the pandemic has put people on edge.

After being stuck home for many months, S

Amazon delivery drivers humiliated under Bezos draconian rule

They may be bringing you your books and your new gym gear to get you through lockdown, but nobody is clapping for the grafters doing the collecting and delivering.

A new culture has developed on the back of the pandemic. Our goods are just a click away, almost instantaneous, the most exciting thing in the day sometimes being the whizzing of the van outside our windows as we all attempt to lumber on from inside.

The efficiency of the Amazon service is one of the reasons why the founder Jeff Bez

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